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Tigerstripe Repository Details

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The source code of Tigerstripe is publicly available from the Eclipse CVS repository. It can be accessed/read without requirement, it can only be modified by official committers to the project. If you want to contribute code to the project please contact us through the newsgroup.

Buckkminster Set up

The most simple way to set up a workspace for Tigerstripe development is to use Buckminster queries. Please refer to [1] to get the details about the defined CQueries for Tigerstripe.

CVS Anonymous Access

Anonymous access to the Tigerstripe code is available through:

  • Host:
  • Repository Path: /cvsroot/technology
  • User: anonymous
  • Password: <blank>
  • Connection Type: pserver

Choose the org.eclipse.tigerstripe directory.

Committer CVS Access

Same details as anonymous access, using extssh as the connection type and specific username/password as assigned by Eclipse.

Set-up a Development Environment

To set up your development environment, visit this page.

Tigerstripe Repository Content

The content of the Tigerstripe repository is currently organized as follows:

  • plugins/: contains all the Eclipse plugins of the Tigerstripe project. These plugins are either plugins for Tigerstripe itself, or test plugins for the delivered plugins.
  • features/: contains feature definitions for the Tigerstripe project.
  • generators/: contains Tigerstripe Generators
  • releng/: contains the environment we use for our continuous build environment (driven by Hudson).
  • misc/: contains various elements related to Tigerstripe, for example a Maven plugin to run Tigerstripe headless.

The CVS Repository can browsed from CVSView,

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