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TigerstripeF2f 20080421 OSSJ

OSSJ Support vs. TIP Support

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  • Focus on TIP support and understand OSSJ maintenance requirements.
  • Goal is to turn OSSj features off in the UI by default first and eventually drop support. Target date to be agreed with OSSJ as migration to TIP occurs.

(Note that it will still be possible to maintain OSSJ APIs with current versions of Tigerstripe as done today).

Items in the UI

1 OSSj common names in object defaults

  • Done. Flag exists in profile already

2 "core.distrib" module

  • provides all OSSJ specific artifacts, exceptions, etc...
  • This built-in feature should be removed (ED) and content to be migrated/maintained in OSSj common

3 "Interface Package"

  • already handled in profile.

4 "Primary Key"

  • To be done: RC

5 Method flavors.

  • Already handled thru profile.

6 Everything that is OSSJ specific should be turned off by default, and re-enabled thru profile (as opposed to the other way around now).

7 Handling of Exceptions on Entity/Datatype methods. RC

8 Internal Package names RC

9 Mark corresponding classes/Interfaces as deprecated.

10. Timeline: TBD

Note: As a result of the OSSJ deprecation in Tigerstripe, the EMF version of the metamodel will not support OSSJ specific features.


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