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TigerstripeCommunity 20080908

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  • (Cisco) Jim Strawn, E. Dillon, J. Worrell, D. Keysell, R. Craddock, S. Jerman


  • Upcoming 0.4 (Alize) release
    • Release review set for Sept. 17th. IPLog was approved as of Friday.
    • Eric to work on the slides and circulate to dev list. Due on Wed 10th.
    • 0.4M1 was pushed out to download site.
    • Release still needs a lot of work in terms of stability/performance following the changes introduced for this cycle.
    • Tentative release date: Fri Sept, 19th.
  • Buckminster Integration
    • Jim/Steve worked on a buckminster integration allowing to use buckminster to materialize dependent Tigerstripe model projects from a repository.
    • This is now ready to be put under CVS. Jim to take care of that.
    • This feature is key for handling a large number of inter-dependent projects.
    • Question is where should this be hosted eventually? Should it be with buckminster itself? Need to check what is currently hosted there.
  • Performance hit due to Artifact Patterns
    • Noticed that the uniform use of Artifact Patterns for creation of any artifact in the workbench leads to multiple request to the Art. Mgr. which triggers a very inefficient flow of events. This should be replaced by a single creation. Richard to commit shortly the change.
  • Annotation Framework
    • Annotations and module now fixed (thx Yuri).
    • Still waiting on update for deadlocks.

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