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TigerstripeCommunity 20080512

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  • Present: E. Dillon, J. Strawn, R. Craddock, D. Keysell, S. Jerman, J. Worrell
  • Minutes
    • 0.3M2 Build to be postponed by a week. Resources constraints in second half of May leading to slide in schedule.
    • Annotation Update:
      • Yuri has committed number of fixes. See Bugzilla for details.
      • Steve to start using, John doing more clean up.
    • New generator:
      • Duncan to work/commit XML export generator and update wiki once OSSJ specifics have been removed.
      • Documentation Generator: work to begin (Duncan).
    • EMF Integration
      • Eric to extract facet/repository logic from EMF Tigerstripe to enable on any .Ecore.

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