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Test Message Generator for the Eclipse Open Health Framework

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Test Message Generator for the Eclipse Open Health Framework

A token-based XML generator that allows the mass generation of messages for test purposes, a project within the scope of the Open Health Framework (OHF). This project would extend the Message Instance Editor, an OHF tool produced by the Health Level 7 (HL7) V3 Eclipse Tooling group (H3ET). The goals of the project are to:

  1. Create an XML representation of an example message template.
  2. Create a new wizard that would allow a user to generate example messages based on the template and HL7 message models (from a MIF file).
  3. Allow replaceable tokens to be defined within example message templates that are replaced by example data.
  4. Allow configuration and declaration of these tokens.
  5. Allow the user to configure the behavior of the batch message generation.

I will update this page with design descriptions and documentation as the project develops. Meanwhile, I am tracking progress on a blog[1].

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