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Template:Back To

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The Back To template is designed to be a simple, easily to use means of inserting "back rel links" to sub-pages. For example, the Data Tools Platform Project page links to several sub pages. Each of these pages has a link at the top allowing the user to return to the main project page easily. Like so:

Back to DTP Main Page

The code for this looks like this:

←[[Data Tools Platform Project | Back to DTP Main Page]]

Of course, that's a bit hard to remember. Also, if we ever wanted to change the format for all of these "back rel links" across the board, we'd be unable to do so. This is where the template comes in.

Markup Rendering
{{Back To|name=DTP Main Page|href=Data Tools Platform Project}}

Back to DTP Main Page

This is equivalent to the HTML character-sequence code sampled above. The name parameter defines the Back to $$ value. The href parameter defines the location to which the "back to" links.

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