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Displays a link to a file in the ATL repository.

Markup Rendering
{{ATLRepositoryLink|plugins/|ATL Plugins}}

ATL Plugins

Rationale: many links to ATL repository are still (as of creation of this template) to the old CVS repository (or even to the previous CVS repository). By introducing this template, we can hopefully avoid having to update every link the next time we change repository.

Notes (may be useful to help converting links to old repositories into use of this template):

  • Had this template existed at the time ATL used CVS, the template would have looked like:
[{{{1}}}?root=Modeling_Project&view=markup {{{2}}}]
  • Similarly, at the time ATL was in GMT, the template would have looked like:
[{{{1}}}?view=markup {{{2}}}]
  • The use of
    would only have been valid for files, not folders.
  • Contents of the CVS repository of ATL in GMT has been moved to the *deprecated* folder. Therefore, to convert a link to that repository into a use of this template, one has to insert
    at the beginning of the path.

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