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Revision as of 06:53, 23 October 2006 by (Talk | contribs) (Martin Oberhuber - 23-Oct-2006)

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I added a strikethrough to org.apache.commons_logging (there should be a dot instead of the underscore) and org.apache.jakarta_log4j (the jakarta_ is really out of place there). Please don't start this project with random exceptions to naming conventions.

Martin Oberhuber - 23-Oct-2006

Instructions on how to become an Orbit committer are not very clear. I suppose we should contact the newsgroup? Or is there a developer mailing list yet?

I'd find the list of bundles to be included more easy to search, if it were sorted by bundle name.

I'd suggest adding the name of responsible contributor to the table listing the bundle names.

Does it really make sense to manage bundles like Junit, Ant and Jsch through Orbit if they come through the Platform anyways?

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