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EK: Maybe it is better to not delete items from plan, but mark them as postponed?

MK: I tried not to delete any items that weren't just a thought or proposed discussion topic. But I did merge quite a few items. The gray ones are candidates for being posponed, although we should still be able to get to some. If you notice any deleted items please list them on bug 200628 so that I can re-incorporate them.

EK: there been quite few changes and they are making impression that number of things been deleted. I suppose that wasn't important things

MK: Yes, I'm sorry that I did make it pretty hard to track from the original to the current, because so much stuff moved around. There were numerous duplicated items which I merged, and not enough organization to the file. One thing I'm pretty sure of is that all items listed are still represented on the current plan or in a bug report. I need to make the evolution of the plan more traceable for the next iteration.

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