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Distinctive Types of Android GPS Devices

The ability to determine your location, where you like head to and how to get there was once best found by using a paper maps and guidelines. If you were traveling in your car then there is huge chance you make use of either an atlas or one of those big tri-folded maps which really weren't much helpful while trying to drive. Fortunately to navigating the world today is easier and simpler thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the different types of GPS devices that use it.

If you are thinking how these Android GPS App devices perform, then read on to know. The Global Positioning System was invented and used by the United States Department of Defense when it launched its first GPS satellite back in 1978. Now, there are 24 satellites in the GPS network that are the foundation of the whole system.

There are many different types of Android GPS devices that are created to make use of this constellation of satellites. The GPS mapping devices are utilized to gather points and any data linked to those points for mapping functions. In fact, these devices have been made use for years to amass the information that creates the maps and mapping features utilized by other GPS navigating systems.

The most famous and widely used consumer GPS device is the GPS navigating system. The most renowned of these is the in-car GPS unit that gives you the map of the place where you are going to and tells you through voice commands on how to reach the location quickly and safely.

These Android GPS devices are either set up in car dash or are portable and can be detached between vehicles. Some of the navigating GPS units provide a feature wherein it can help you find the best shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants and accommodations regardless of where you are located; this can be astonishingly beneficial when hunting services in a town with which you are not familiar with.

The smaller models of these Android GPS devices are the handheld devices that are popularly used for backpacking, hunting, trekking, hiking, camping and other extreme outdoor adventures. These types of GPS units will help you monitor of where you are, leave breadcrumb trail of where you've been, and will guide you to get to your destination safe and sound. Many of these units have built in cameras and voice recorders, allowing you keep a record of your trails.

The last device we'll share to you is the GPS tracking device. Just like in flicks, these devices make use of the GPS satellite system to keep track objects to which they are attached. Many newer cars owners installed this Android GPS devices in the case they vehicle is stolen or lost they can quickly track and recover it. You can also find small GPS tracking units on some smartphones, which can come in handy for the parents of teenagers.

There is an Android GPS device for about any application and as the technology grows more features will come into being at a very reasonable price.

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