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Talk:Equinox p2 UI 3.5 workflows

Revision as of 12:16, 1 October 2008 by Susan (Talk | contribs)

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Quick comment: the button label "Install details..." sounds like a verb phrase when I think you intend it to be a noun phrase. On casual reading, it sounds like it will install some "details" somewhere. Since this is essentially a link to another place in the UI, use the name of the destination as the label for the button, like "Installed Software...".

Another use-case/issue/workflow to account for is installing patches ... they might be something in between installing software, and doing updates. This has recently came up as a change in behavior from 3.3, to 3.4 so the thought was perhaps it should be reconciled in 3.5. See bug 245299. David

David, I tried to capture this requirement in the use cases for our user Dave Equinox p2 UI Use Cases#Get updates. (the name is coincidental!)

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