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Kevin McGuire:

  • Not being on the team, I find it difficult to interpret many of the items and their purpose. It would be helpful if there was a "themes" section to describe the general types of work going on, then indicate which work items match which themes.
    • Pascal R. The document is contributor oriented and aims at capturing progress. It is being revised every week as progress is being done. As a work document it contains more details about all the things we have to do but that do not really have a place in the plan (e.g. replace URL with URI). Also it currently does not contain all the items from the plan which explains why you did not see some of the usability problems being mentioned. A more theme oriented document is available at and is also linked from the top of the milestone plan.
  • A massive usability issue I see today is that when an install fails due to some incompatibility, the information the user is given to resolve it is dense, long winded, and cryptic. It provides no practical help. The user is left scratching their heads not knowing what's required or how to resolve the problem. Is this being addressed?
    • Pascal R. The incompatibility detection problem is definitely on the radar under the "Improve overall usability" section. For now it has not been scheduled as the contributors working on it have not provided a deadline.

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