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Missing 2.4 Features


For the list of features in 2.4, there are several missing (cache indexes, no-sql, jpql).

Also minor features or bug fixes may require documentation see,

Spec features not to be documented???

I find this a very odd direction of our documentation, given we are primarily a spec driven product and are even the reference implementation of the spec. Especially with our 2.1 support, which may be the main features of our release, to not document any of this, just because it is part of a specification seems like a very odd decision.

Even in a spec defined feature, there is plenty of EclipseLink specifics to document, such as how this feature interacts with the cache, weaving and other EclipseLink specific features, also any limitations and extensions on it, and in case of optional features whether they are implemented or supported at all. 13:42, 12 January 2012 (UTC)

Missing content of previous releases

We have still not documented our 1.0 functionality fully, and are missing features from each release, including the entire 2.0 release. This is not only a huge whole in our documentation, but makes documenting new features that extend these missing features very difficult. i.e. in 2.3 we added documentation to our stored procedure enhancements, but had not even documented stored procedure support yet. We need some sort of plan for documenting our complete feature set. 13:42, 12 January 2012 (UTC)

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