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This page lists all commonly asked questions regarding the usage of TPTP. This page is under development and will continue to grow. Please check back later for more information. If you have a question or would like to suggest a question here, please email Eugene Chan

What is IAC?

Question Mark.pngWhat is IAC?
IAC stands for Integrated Agent Controller. It is an Agent Controller build-in for local profiling and start and stop on demand. Preference of IAC is available under Window > Preferences menu.

Where can I find the help documentation?

Question Mark.pngWhere can I find the help documentation?
Online help is available here. Alternatively, help is also available under Help > Help Contents of Eclipse workbench. Keep in mind that F1 help is available upon selection focus on any widget of the GUI.

Known problem and workaround

Detach and Reattach actions do not work and shows error

Question Mark.pngDetach and Reattach actions do not work and shows error
Detach and Reattach actions are currently not supported with JRE 1.5 or newer profiler. There is currently no workaround. See bug 237691 for status of bug.

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