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  • Present:
    • Paul
    • Kiryl
    • Joanna
    • Jonathan
    • Joel
  • Absent:
    • Alan - ill


  • Testing Process:
    • Only Paul and Jonathan reviewed/commented on the first draft of the Testing Process (part 1) document.
    • Alan will integrate review comments and post a second draft of the Testing Process (part 1) document for review by Wednesday, November 28.
    • Alan created a preliminary first draft of the Testing Process (part 2) containing the remaining sections of the existing TPTP Testing Strategy document.
    • Alan will add more detailed content to the first draft of the Testing Process (part 2) by Wednesday, November 28.
    • Please review the Testing Process (part 2) draft document by Thursday, November 29.
  • Common Test Infrastructure:
    • Completed:
      • CVS check-out of all of the test plug-ins in the /test-results/<project>/* modules.
    • Outstanding:
      • Check for Intel build to complete (every x hours) before launching the BVTs.
      • Configure and run the Agent Controller on the reference platform.
        • Joel is working with Jonathan to integrate the existing code (target: today/tomorrow).
      • Create the root-level test suite for BVTs. The test infrastructure will execute each test plug-in's AllBVTTest.testsuite, as referenced by the org.eclipse.hyades.tests/All<test type>BVTTests.testsuite. We do not need to check-in the execution results to CVS due to disk space limitations and polluting of our test pass results. Each developer can rerun the automated tests to reproduce a failure.
      • Automatically generating the Test Report.
        • Until the blocking issue with remote test execution is resolved, we can start generating a 0% complete test report for the PMC to evaluate the TPTP test bucket for 4.5 iterations.
      • Automatically posting the Test Report to /tptp/test/reports/<release>.
        • Will require a new report generator for generating detailed test reports from a root-level execution result.
      • Cleanup of the reference platform.
      • Documenting the test infrastructure for use in the second testing process document, which will be required by TPTP adopters or extenders.
      • Email notifications to component leads for failing test suites.
    • Blocking Issues:
  1. When generating reports, the report has no entries: Paul and Sheldon are investigating.
  2. Defect 208616: Jerome are working on a fix. Paul/Kendric/Joel are verifying the fix.
  3. Defect 200194: Symptoms have not been reproduced. Retargeting to i5.
  4. Defect 190453: Joel has a work-around. Retargeting to i6.
  5. Defect 210289: Joel has a work-around. Retargeting to i6.
  6. Defect 210292: Duwayne triaged last week and provided a work-around for Joel. Retargeting to i6.
  7. Defect 210955: Paul is investigating.
  • Metrics:
    • No project leads have replied to a request to estimate the current testing costs.
      • Paul and Oliver Cole has reminded the TPTP Project Leads to provide a sizing.
      • The PMC has determined that this must be done by Wednesday, November 28.

Action Items

  • Alan:
    • Complete the second draft of the Testing Process (part 1) document.
    • Add more detailed content to the first draft of the Testing Process (part 2) by Wednesday, November 28.
  • Joel:
    • Outstanding issues for the PoC (integrate the ASF with the TPTP builds to check-out a 'Hello World' TPTP JUnit test suite from CVS, run the test suite on an Eclipse instance running on the target platform, and generate a BIRT report on the test execution using existing sample code).
  • Paul:
    • Determine labor cost (PW) for a) full test pass and b) smoke test pass from project leads.
    • Encourage Project Leads to automate existing manual test suites.

Upcoming Meeting

  • We will meet next on Thursday, November 29 on the Agent Controller Status Call (9 AM ET).

Upcoming Discussion

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