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  • Alex
  • Bing
  • Jonathan
  • Joel
  • Joanna
  • Kendric
  • Alexander
  • Igor
  • Kiryl
  • Stanislav
  • Ritwik
  • Eugene


  • 4.5:
    • Build failed last night; manifest file change needed and then the build will be restarted
    • Number of testcases needed to be changed due to defect 213219. This included renaming of New AC tests from IAEM64T to simply EM64T and from IA64 to IPF. Joanna will also open a second defect because she noticed that some of these testcases do not include the actual testcase/steps.
    • IPv6:
      • Stanislav has estimated 5 PWs of effort to complete his code changes. This will be done in i6 and i7
      • Jonathan is sizing the Hyades/channel changes needed and is responsible for making these changes
      • Eugene will make all necessary UI changes
      • design to be appended to the bugzilla and reviewed
      • UI changes are needed in i6 due to translation schedules
    • Profiler views are at risk of not having all changes completed by end of i6. Status to be monitored weekly

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