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Attending: Kathy, Jonathan, Torsten, Joel, Jerome, Oliver

  • 04/04 meeting minutes accepted.

TPTP Project Discussion

  • Torsten mentioned that there are still defects assigned to the tptp-inbox. Kathy found out that they are bugzilla defects for the tptp.monitoring component in the z_archived product. Kathy will clean those up.
  • Kathy mentioned that there's only 1 active defect containing a patch provided by the community. Torsten is now the owner of that defect.
  • Committer elections have concluded for Torsten for Platform, Trace and Test.
  • Torsten reported on builds progress:
    • 64 bit Windows still on-going. Still having problem with Xercies libraries. Torsten may try newer Xerces version.
    • 64-bit Linux is fine.
  • Torsten will contact Paul later in April regarding the Test project.

TPTP project leadership change

  • Here's the proposed project change (Kathy propose, Jonathan second):
    • We nominate Torsten to be the project lead for platform, trace and test project
    • We nominate Torsten to be a PMC member.
    • We also nominate Wayne to be the PMC lead.
  • We look to Wayne to provide guidiance and help for Torsten as he is getting familiar with the running of the TPTP project. They should have regular meetings to address project issues.
  • Torsten will talk to David Williams re Eclipse planning council.
  • Here are the things that Torsten need to stay on top of:
    • triaging incoming bugzilla
    • monitoring TPTP development distribution lists
    • monitoring news groups
    • maintaining portal data
    • maintaining TPTP web page
    • monitoring Eclipse cross-project distribution list
    • communicate project plans
  • Current TPTP committers are resigning as of today. They will stay as committer for a few more weeks to make sure that all administration transition is completed successfully.
  • Oliver will be sending out an email to the distribution list announcing the changing of the guard.
  • We agreed that the following members should be nominated as Committer Emeritus when their committer rights are removed: Eugene, Paul, Jonathan, Joel and Kathy.
  • This is the last PMC meeting scheduled by Kathy using IBM's conference number. It'll be up to Torsten and Wayne to set up subsequent PMC meetings. They can probably use Eclipse's conference number.
  • Oliver, Kathy, Jonathan, Joel and Jerome all said their farewells.
  • Torsten will now be running the TPTP project with Wayne's help. Best wishes!

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