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Attending: Kathy, Ernest, Jonathan, Torsten, Joel, Jerome, Oliver

  • 03/28 meeting minutes accepted.

TPTP Organization Discussion

  • Torsten had been norminated for Platform, Trace and Test. He can get others from Verit as committers later on.
  • Torsten reported on progress on setting up build.
    • Linking stage, 32 bit native build OK for both Linux and Window. 64-bit still has some problem (xerces problem)
    • Torsten asked if he can get a zip of the build directory. Joel replied we are not able to redistribe zips. We can send list of files and scripts if necessary.
  • Torsten inquires about testing. Joel replies that BVT runs every night, instruction is on wiki. Test pass report using the test suite during a range of dates.
  • Kathy had sent list of platform test cases (excluding what was run for testing profiling).
  • Torsten will set up meeting this week with Paul to discuss Test project. Kathy pointed out that this has to be done soon as we are moving to other jobs.
  • Torsten mentioned that Verit intends to have first release of TPTP in end of 2011. They may try to get on 2012 Eclipse release train.
  • Joel pointed out Torsten should pay attention to bug 338958 (info for shared Indigo license). They should also pay attention to cross-project distribution list. Doing a trial-run for releasing and shutting down will also be helpful.
  • Kathy will be doing the necessary transfers this week and next in preparation of current PMC members resigning on April 11. She will assign bugzilla QAContact to Torsten.
  • Torsten need to be set up for JAR signing and need access to tptp-main.


  • Next PMC meeting will be on April 11 10:00 EDT. This will be the last PMC meeting attended by current PMC members before they resigned. Joel and Kathy may attend a couple more meetings set up by Verit if deemed necessary.

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