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Attending: Oliver, Kathy, Ernest, Jonathan

Any issues with last week's summary?

  • No issues

Development Discussion

  • TPTP 4.7.1 going well.
    • Test pass 100% attempted, 99% success.
    • Dropped to RC3 this week.
    • Have a few more code defects.
    • No issues in wrapping up the release.


  • TPTP long term plan
    • Kathy will be announcing TPTP's long term plan to TPTP distribution list and newsgroup later on this week.
    • Oliver pointed out that while we plan to archive the TPTP project after TPTP 4.7.2 is done, we should at least allow for adequate time for users and adopters to download the driver before archiving it.
    • We agreed to factor in a few weeks to allow users to download it. We'll work out the exact timing when we get closer to the dates.
  • Next PMC meeting on 09/22 10:00 EDT.

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