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Attending: Oliver, Ernest, Jonathan, Paul, Joel, Kathy

Any issues with last week's summary?

  • No issues

4.7 Discussion

  • Kathy's update for TPTP 4.7:
    • TPTP 4.7 RC2 driver dropped to Helios RC2 yesterday. EMF driver showed up early again.
    • TPTP 4.7 is shutting down with project lead approval starting this week. Currently there are 21 defects targeting TPTP 4.7, 10 of them are release engineering defects and some doc defects. Only a handful are code defecs. In PMC approval mode starting Monday 05/24.
    • Build team finished making compiler upgrade. Will remote Monitoring plugin from build.
    • Will smoke test RC2 candidate and start TPTP 4.7 I3 TP next week (05/25 - 06/04). 05/24 is holiday for Canada.
    • Will drop to RC3 on 06/01.
    • Kathy pointed out that we'll have very limited, if any, fixes going in after the I3 TP1. So it's really no need for another TP2. We can do targetted regression on any area that had changed. All agreed that TP2 can be removed and replaced with a week of project shutdown.
  • Kathy will work on IP log and release review slides. Will send out for review before EOD Friday. Any highlights we need to call out:
    • Paul indicated they mainly fixed defects. Now they had completed all defects required by consuming product.
    • Jonathan indicated the performance improvement in memory analysis is significant to mention.
    • Joel reminded Kathy that there are new CQs to mentionin IP log.
    • Kathy mentioned that issues brought up in automatic IP log are still not resolved. Will keep updating IPLog manually in TPTP 4.7 rather than using the too.
    • Releasing Review: Friday, June 11


  • Paul will be away on vacation from 05/31 for 3 weeks (back 06/21). In his absence,
  • Jerome will be technical focal point
  • Kathy will be temporary test project lead. She'll be triaging defects.
  • Next PMC meeting on 06/02 10:00 EDT. Then the one afterwards is 06/16.

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