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Attending: Oliver, Ernest, Kathy, Eugene, Jonathan

Any issues with last week's summary?

  • No issues Discussion

  • No new news to discuss.

4.7 Discussion

  • Regular development for TPTP 4.7 I1 TP2 started on 03/16 (after dropping to Helios M6).
  • On track to DCUT next Friday 04/16. Will then run smoke test in preparation of I2 TP scheduled for 04/20 to 04/30.
  • Will drop to Helios M7 on 05/04.


  • Oliver will send Kathy details on portal-based checklist we are required to fill in for Helios. Kathy will arrange to have the information filled in.
  • Oliver mentioned that they did discussed in the last PC meeting about EMF being late in dropping code. Representatives to the PC agreed that having projects have interrim driver between milestones is a good idea but would not have a way to enforce.

PMC changes

  • Due to a recent job change, Eugene is resigning immediately as project lead for TPTP Trace and Profiling subproject (tptp.performance) and the architecture lead.
  • Eugene nominates Jonathan West as the Trace and Profiling subproject lead and the architecture lead. Jonathan already has extensive background in this area.
  • Kathy and Ernest seconds that motion. The normination was accepted unanimously.
  • Welcome onboard the TPTP PMC, Jonathan! Best wishes Eugene and thank you for your past contributions.
  • Eugene will stay on as project lead for the monitoring project until the project is archived. He is following the Eclipse process for sunsetting that project and will put together presentations for PMC's approval by this Friday. Will then forward to Eclipse EMO.
  • Eugene will announce his resignation on the distribution list.
  • Next PMC meeting on 04/21.

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