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Attending: Oliver, Ernest, Kathy, Eugene, Paul

Any issues with last week's summary?

  • No issues Discussion

  • Milestone 5 should be almost done. Waiting for last few verifications.

4.6.2 Discussion

  • TPTP 4.6.2 released on 02/26. Thanks everyone!

4.7 Discussion

  • Regular development for TPTP 4.7 I1 until 03/03.
  • TP 03/08 to 03/12.
  • Will be dropping to M6 on 03/17.
  • Everything is going well according to schedule.


  • Kathy asked whether we need to worry about supporting profiling on JDK 7. Oliver said he'll check with Eclipse Planning Council.
  • Oliver brought this up in the Eclipse PC meeting on 03/03 and here's the response:
    • Platform does not list java 7 as a supported platform for Helios, so there is no push to "host" on java 7. None of the other project have any particular promises WRT 7, either. In fact, a few said that the little that they looked into it, they saw that it wasn't quite ready..... So, if tptp ignores 7. the eclipse will be just fine. It is purely a tptp decision to do 7 support or not.
  • Next 2 weeks PMC canceled.
  • We agreed to meet on the follow dates for PMC meeting at 10:00 EST:
    • 03/24, 04/07, 04/21, 05/05, 05/19, 06/02, 06/16, 06/30
    • The other meetings are canceled. We can reschedule some more meetings if necessary.

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