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  • Alan, Oliver, Chris, Paul, Joanna, Alex update

  • branch created yesterday
  • Joel working on Alex's patches (monitoring from 4.4.1 to
    • Last night mail from Steve Gutz defining which code for static analysis (4.4.1) feature needs to be patched in.
  • Smoke testing today and tommorrow.
    • (drop tommorrow at 4 eastern).
    • Build should be there shortly. AI: Joanna to send mail to PMC when build is ready.
    • AI: Kendrick to add tab


  • light tests with exception of smoke tests.


  • Has about 13 defects that were patched.
  • Will need a bit more extensive tests than some of the others.

Best effort until tommorrow at 4:00 then have "full" smoke test

  • "full" as determined by leads
  • "full" smoke tests should have results checked into to web site (next week)

Regarding splitting the CVS for 4.5

  • Harm asked until we finish the smoke tests to keep team focused on release.

Updates on action items from TPTP F2F

Status of testing revamp discussions.

  • Goal: Consolodate testing infrastructure for future work
    • Jonathan had created a custom framework for AC tests
    • Discussing how to run this within TPTP Test; Looks doable. They will be working to sync.
    • Now working on coming up with a plan for how to do the work. Expects to have some time tommorrow

Question: Will this result in overall labor savings by the time 4.5 is shipped

  • General belief is yes.

Reference platform discussion.

  • Is 1.6 on XP/x86 a viable configuration
    • Always tested/checked before checkin.
    • Test team thinks that Vista might be appropriate. Some have concerns about this.
    • Need to pick JVM vendor

Technical meetings should be synced

  • Deferred for another week

Guru regarding bug backlog for 4.5

  • To send to mailing list

Do consumers need "rows 22-26" of the spreadsheet discussed at F2F?

  • Joanna has this AR outstanding.
    • Was going after higher priority rows of sheet first.

Rows 10-13 of spreadsheet discussed at F2F

  • Have identified backfills -- getting final approval
  • Meetings are going on today at IBM regarding these rows
  • Log and trace features
    • 2 people allocated for maintenance
    • 3 other resources for feature development and refactoring to facilitate future development.
    • AI: Alex to make sure he syncs w/ Harm on this.
    • Only open question now is exact list of features.


AI: to everyone to send BIOs to Paul for web site update.

AG lead (Paul) noted that there are a couple of outstanding questions on a few of Alex' reviews.

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