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Revision as of 19:32, 6 March 2008 by Unnamed Poltroon (Talk) (4.5)

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  • Present:
    • Alex Nan
    • Rohit Shetty
    • Hariharan Narayanan
    • Yasuhisa Gotoh
    • Richard Yun Song Huang


  • progress been made on defect back log but still a lot of outstanding defects on the LTA side especially
  • defects have slipped: some have pending changes or require build changes or require more investigation
  • PII freeze is end of i6 and TVT and enablement test cases are due by Feb 14th, 2008
  • team needs to check if UI changes were done since 4.4
  • BTM for .NET doesn't require TVT and enablement tests
  • Alex will most likely write TVT and enablement tests for LTA
  • Gotoh-san
    • finished symptom test automation bug 207251
    • provided patch for bug 204742, Alex needs to review (already did)
    • remarks that bug 213400 may take some more time
  • Hari
    • after a meeting with Alex concluded that bug 180950 cannot be contained in 4.5, most likely cannot be done using AGR
    • Hari work in progress on his remaining defects
    • Hari doesn't have UI changes
  • Richard
    • patch for bug 212806 was reviewed by Matt, look good and needs to be checked in
    • concluded that the remaining BTM tests bug 207255 cannot be automated using AGR because they require user interaction
    • Richard doesn't have UI changes

Action items

  • team to continue reducing defect backlog and recover slipped defects
  • Rohit and Gotoh-san to let Alex know about UI changes done thoughout 4.5
  • Alex to talk to Joel about the build changes required by bug 164039, bug 221320
  • Alex to make sure the build team integrates the changes reaquired by bug 221320
  • Hari to open a defect against MAX for the desynchronization problem between profiling monitoring navigator and MAX (also some exceptions were logged in the Eclipse .log when Alex and Hari investigated the test automation issue bug 180950)
  • Hari to open a defect against MAX to add Delete/Save menu items to the profiling monitor navigator context menu on a managed agent
  • team to fix the broken AGR tests

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