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  • June 9, 2008


  • Present:
    • Paul Slauenwhite
    • Oliver Cole
    • Duwayne Morris
    • Eugene Chan
    • Alex Nan
    • Joel Cayne
    • Joanna Kubasta


  • TPTP 4.5.0 RC4 Discussion


  • We have not yet completed the I8 TP2.
  • Outstanding test suites:
    • Monitoring.UI.Examples.ISV: Done and not yet checked in.
    • Platform.Agents.JVMTI.Windows_IA32
    • Platform.Communication.Control_Channel_Test.Linux_EM64T
    • Platform.Communication.Control_Channel_Test.Linux_IPF
    • Platform.Communication.Control_Channel_Test.Windows_IA32
    • Platform.Communication.Control_Channel_Test.Windows_Vista_x86
    • Platform.Communication.RAMasterPollInterval.Windows_Vista_x86
    • Platform.Communication.Request_Peer_Monitoring.Windows_IA32
    • Platform.Execution.Framework.JVMTI.IAC.Linux_IA32
    • Platform.Execution.Framework.JVMTI.IAC.Windows
    • Platform.Execution.Framework.JVMTI.IAC.Windows_Vista_X86
    • Trace.UI.Examples.ISV
    • Trace.UI.Execution.Stat.View
    • Trace.UI.Filters
  • RC4 (final RC) was originally scheduled for Friday, June 6.
    • It has been delayed until the official RC4 date for +3 projects (Wednesday, June 11).
    • On last week's AG call, we discussed the possibility of a point release (e.g. to resolve defects that cannot be contained in 4.5.0 but are required by the community or a consuming product.
      • We are attempting to eliminate the need for a point release (e.g. by delaying RC4 (final RC) to resolve the remaining defects required by the community or a consuming product.


  • The AG call for the next three weeks (June 16, 23, and 30) will be canceled.

Action Items

  • Defect owners for the 'Remaining I8 defects NOT completed' list, please target these defects to future and mark the failed test cases (see 'Defects failing test suites') as inconclusive.
  • Committers to complete the outstanding test suites.

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