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  • May 5, 2008


  • Present:
    • Alexander Alexeev
    • Paul Slauenwhite
    • Eugene Chan
    • Alex Nan
    • Joel Cayne
    • Chris Elford
    • Tony Wang
    • Duwayne Morris
    • Joanna Kubasta
    • Oliver Cole


  • 4.5 Deferred Enhancements and Defects


  • I7 has not been released:
    • The latest EMF driver is outstanding (target: EOD today).
    • I8 development will open when the I7 candidate driver is published.
  • Monitoring Project blocking defect:
    • LTA plugins are not loaded with the latest Eclipse M7:
      • Using the latest Eclipse driver, none of the LTA plug-ins are loaded.
      • When the LTA was removed from the GA product, the original plug-ins shipped with the product were emptied.
      • To install, the LTA component is unzipped over the TPTP installation, thereby installing newer versions of the emptied plug-ins.
      • Now P2 will not load a latest versions of the plug-ins, since the plug-in version numbers are referenced in the feature.xml, n.
      • Solution is to rename the LTA plug-in IDs requiring code (plug-in manifests, extension point declarations, code that resolves plug-ins based on IDs, and product documentation) and build changes.
      • May requires a similar changes for the other As-is components (for example, Perfmon).
      • Although this is an API change, it is the only solution.
      • Proposed for I8 with a readme entry for I7.
      • Proposed solution will discussed with the consuming product.

Platform Project

  • Will not complete all P1/P2 defects in 4.5.
  • Joanna is working with IBM to prioritize the remaining required defects (<20).
  • P1 Defects:
  • P2/P3 Defects:

Test Project

  • Summary:
    • Resolved 301 defects:
      • Fixed: 145
      • Triaged: 156

Trace Project

Monitoring Project

  • P1 Enhancements:
  • P2/P3 Defects:

Action Items

  • Project Leads will update this WIKI page with the complete list of 4.5 deferred enhancements and defects.
  • Project Leads will review the updated list of 4.5 deferred enhancements and defects and discuss any concerns on Wednesday's PMC call.

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