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  • April 7, 2008


  • Present:
    • Oliver Cole
    • Tony Wang
    • Mikhail Voronin
    • Joanna Kubasta
    • Joel Cayne
    • Eugene Chan
    • Chris Elford


  • Bugzilla Component Reorganization


Finalizing I6

Bugzilla Component Reorganization

  • Review of the association of Bugzilla components (and their associated plug-ins) to projects.
  • The Platform Project traditionally contained components used by one or more of the other projects (e.g. models).
    • However, this is problematic due to the number of components used by one or more of the other projects, causing the Platform Project to excessively large.
      • For example, the Trace views are contained in the Platform project since the intent was for reuse in all three projects but really only resourced and used in the Trace Project.
    • Also, resourcing is not aligned well by components and projects.
      • For example, Alex A. leads the Trace Project with IBM resources and Joanna leads the Platform Project with Intel resources but Alex A.'s focus is the tracing components.
  • Project Leads were asked to create a proposal for items that should be under their project. For example, what project should own the Probekit?
    • Platform Project: Outstanding.
    • Test Project: No potential components to be changed, other than test models that may be separated into Test Project-specific plug-ins.
    • Trace Project: Not represented.
    • Monitoring Project: Not represented.
  • We will keep the original four-project structure, but the Platform Project will only contain truly common components.
  • PoG Lead: One person leading the effort different from the Trace Project lead (e.g. Chris or Mikhail). Eugene would represent IBM to evaluate quality and review requirements. Will be discussed on Wednesday's PMC call.
  • ToG Lead: One person leading the effort different from the Test Project lead. Will be discussed on Wednesday's PMC call
  • WTP/TPTP EPP packaging:
    • Joel will discuss on the Wednesday's PMC call to effort to package all of the TPTP components.
    • Mikhail will cover for Alex A. this week and report to the PMC on Wednesday's call.
    • How much extra testing?
      • Weekly smoke testing.
      • Posting weekly/iteration test results.

Action Items

  • Joanna: Communicate the limitations of the deferred I6 critical/blocker defects to the IBM consuming products impacted by these regressions.
  • Joel to confirm the effort to package all of the TPTP components in the WTP/TPTP EPP packaging.

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