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TM 3.0 RC2 Testing

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This is the master coordination page for TM 3.0 RC2 Testing. Testing will run from Wednesday 28-May-2008 to 5:00 p.m. (EDT) Friday 30-May-2008. RC2 will be built on Tuesday 27 May 2008. Please sign up here for testing particular features, or a particular host/target combination. It is important for all of us to coordinate our efforts

  • In order to get critical bugs submitted early so that we can fix them for RC3
  • In order to avoid duplication of testing work
  • In order to get a good test coverage and exposure of TM / RSE.


Signup Matrix

Tester Name (Company) Client Platform Connection types RSE Features Comments
Dave Dykstal (IBM) MacOS X 10.5.2 dstore-mac Macintosh related. "Team" view. Persistence & model features (filters, filter pools, ...). Import Export. Basic Sanity Testing. Documentation Review. File operations. none
Martin Oberhuber (Wind River)
Dave McKnight (IBM)
Xuan Chen (IBM)
Kevin Doyle (IBM)
Rupen Mardirossian (IBM)
Uwe Stieber (Wind River)
Felix Burton (Wind River)
Michael Scharf (Wind River)
Eugene Tarassov (Wind River)
Javier Montalvo-Orus ()
Radoslav Gerganov (ProSyst)



Not to be tested






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