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TM 3.0 M3 Testing

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This is the master coordination page for TM 3.0 M3 Testing, to be done with Target Management 3.0 M3 Candidate, Thursday 8-Nov-2007. Please sign up here for testing particular features of TM 3.0 M3, or a particular host / target combination. It is important for all of us to coordinate our efforts

  • In order to get bugs submitted early, such that we can fix them for the release
  • In order to avoid duplication of testing work
  • In order to get a good test coverage and exposure of TM / RSE.

Organization and Signup

The main focus in this round of testing is a good round of Sanity Test with the latest Platform / EMF / CDT milestones, to find obvious showstoppers.

Most of you took part in an earlier round of testing already, so you'll not need to read all of the TM 2.0 Test Instructions. Here is some important information for this round of testing:

  • Sanity check instructions: please use RSE in a "normal" way as you'd usually use it. RSE 1.0 Test Instructions. Please test on your assigned host/target combination. Report any bad behavior.

Thanks to everybody who signs up and thus helps making RSE better!

Test Matrix

ok Tester Name (Company) Client Platform Connection types RSE Features Time used, Comments
Dave Dykstal (IBM) MacOS X 10.4.8, Sun 1.5.0_06-112 Dstore-Mac, Dstore-Linux, Dstore-Win Macintosh related. Team features. Persistence & model features (filters, filter pools, ...) DaveD bugs
Dave McKnight (IBM) Linux-GTK (SLES 9), IBMj 1.4.2 sr3 Dstore-Windows, FTP DaveM bugs
Kushal Munir (IBM) Windows XP SP2, IBMj 5.0 Dstore-Unix (on AIX) Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste, New Connection Wizard, Encodings, Dstore Launch Options, File Access Permissions and Timestamps Kushal bugs
ok Javier Montalvo (Symbian) Windows XP SP2, Sun 1.5.0_11 Windows-local, FTP ftp filters and views; filtetype filters, deep filters, drag&drop, copy&paste (contexts) Javier bugs
ok Martin Oberhuber (Wind River) openSUSE 10.2 (x86-64), Sun 1.5.0_12 (64Bit) Linux-Local, FTP, Linux-DStore Sanity, Unittests, FTP, Terminal(Ssh) 2h Martin bugs
Tobias Schwarz (Wind River) WinXP SP2, Sun 1.5.0_11 Windows-Local, Testsubsys Verify Tobias reported bugs; ; Filtering, Extension Points Tobias bugs
Uwe Stieber (Wind River) openSUSE 10.2 (x86-64), Sun 1.5.0_10 (64Bit) Linux-Local, Testsubsys Verify Uwe reported bugs; Extension Points Uwe bugs
Lothar Werzinger (Tradescape) Linux Kubuntu 6.06 x64 GTK, Sun 1.5.0_06 Linux-ssh, Windows-dstore ssh filters and views; Lothar bugs
Ewa Matejska (Palmsource) Linux Ubuntu 6.10, Sun 1.5.0_11 Linux-ssh, Linux-ftp, Linux-dstore CDT Remote Launch and Basic Sanity Test Ewa bugs
Burak Kulakli (Cabot) WinXP SP2, Sun 1.6.0 Unix-ssh, Windows-Local File Encodings (Turkish), Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste Burak bugs
Kevin Doyle (IBM) Windows Vista, Sun 1.4.2 FTP, DStore-Linux, Windows-Local Kevin bugs
ok Kevin Doyle (IBM) Windows XP SP2, Sun 1.6.0 FTP, DStore-Linux, Windows-Local bug fixes, sanity check Kevin bugs
Xuan Chen(IBM) Windows XP SP2, Sun 1.5.0_06 DStore-AIX DStore-Linux Sanity checking, Archive handling and bug verification Xuan bugs
Xuan Chen(IBM) Windows XP SP2, IBMJ 1.5 Linux-ssh Sanity checking and bug verification Xuan bugs

Test Features

RSE Features signed up already

  • MartinO:
    • Terminal (ssh,telnet,serial)
  • DaveD:
    • Basic Sanity Test (of course)
    • Subsystem properties
    • RSE Views
    • Connection problems
    • Preferences
  • RupenM:
    • Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste (should be able to cover everything except OS outside of RSE)
  • Xuan Chen
    • Basic Sanity Testing
    • Archive handling
    • RSE Widgets & Dialogs

RSE Features that are particularly important to test

RSE Features to test

Features not to be tested this time

Client Platforms

Windows XP MartinO (SP1; Sun1.4.2_14); KushalM (SP2; IBM1.5); NorbertP (SP2; Sun1.5.0_06); SumitS (SP2; Sun1.4.2_10); MichaelScharf (SP2; Sun1.5.0_07); JavierM (Sun 1.4.2_10);
Linux-x86-gtk MartinO (RHEL4, Sun1.6.0_01); DaveM (SLES9, IBM1.4.2_sr3); EwaM (Ubuntu 6.10)
Linux-x86_64-gtk LotharW (Kubuntu 6.06); UweS (openSUSE 10.2, Sun 1.5.0_10 (64Bit))
Solaris-gtk MartinO (Solaris9, Sun 1.5.0_11);
Mac OS X DaveD (10.4.7, Sun1.5.0_06); KushalM

Target Platforms

Windows-dstore MartinO (XP-SP1, Sun1.4.2_14); MichaelScharf (XP-SP1, Sun1.5.0_07);
Windows-ftp JavierM (FileZilla 0.9.8b); MichaelScharf (GNU inetutils 1.3.2)
Linux-dstore MartinO (RHEL4, Sun1.4.2_13); NorbertP (SUSE10.0; Sun1.4.2_06); UweS (SUSE10.1; Sun1.5.0_07); EwaM (Ubuntu6.10, Sun1.5.0_10); MichaelScharf (SUSE10.1; Sun1.6.0-beta2);
Linux-ssh MartinO (RHEL4); MartinO (SUSE Enterprise 10 PPC); UweS (SUSE10.1); EwaM (Ubuntu6.10); BurakK (Fedora5); MichaelScharf (SUSE10.1);
Linux-ftp MichaelScharf (SUSE10.1); EwaM (Ubuntu6.10);
Solaris-dstore MartinO (Sol9, Sun1.5.0_11); MartinO (Sol10, Sun1.5.0_11)
Solaris-ssh MartinO (Sol9);
HPUX-ssh SumitS (HP-UX11.11);
AIX-dstore KushalM
MacOSX-dstore DaveD (10.4.7, Sun1.5.0_06);
MacOSX-ssh GregW (10.4.7, Sun1.5.0_06);
VxWorks-ftp MartinO (VxSim SIMNT 6.4)

Test Reports and Bugs Found

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