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8 October 2013 (Tuesday) at 1100 Rochester MN
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Skype: david_dykstal to call martin.oberhuber, david-k-mcknight, uwe.stieber, anna_dushistova, and lucas_gamm. All TM committers and interested parties are invited. Interested parties ping david_dykstal on Skype chat to be added to the call.


Action items from TM/Meetings/10-September-2013

  • Review bug backlogs (Fix target milestones; review / triage incoming high-severity issues)
    • AI All
    • Ongoing
  • Web Site
    • AI DaveD - Update Website Docs where they refer to CVS (some done, more to do)
    • AI DaveD - Maybe update the CVS repo putting in a "readme.txt" that project has migrated to git (still to do)
    • AI DaveD - Webpages partially out-of-date --> migrate to Wiki; Wayne got something "almost done" that can be auto-generated. (done for the most part)
    • Ongoing
  • Dave continuing as project lead for the time being. Still need to contact Greg Watson re PTP sponsorship.


  • Luna is now building out of the master branch
  • Declaring participation in Luna?
  • M2 is out. We did not produce a build for M2. Will do one for M3.


  • Kepler SR1 is out. Built from the TM_3.5_maintenance branch.
  • Download page still to be constructed.

Web site & wiki maintenance

  • Site continues to be updated as time permits




Committer status



Next Meeting


Action items from TM/Meetings/10-September-2013

  • AI DaveD - web site cleanup

New Action Items

  • AI Manuel to write up a brief gerrit "how-to"
  • AI Anna to investigate HIPP for TM - Do we need one? How do we request one? How do we migrate our jobs?


  • Still problems with RSE initialization - probably due to stuff being done by extensions. DaveM and DaveD to follow up.



  git config --global --list
  git config --global
  git config --global "John Doe"
  git clone ssh://
  #readonly:# git clone git://
  <make changes>
  "git status" shows changes
  "git diff" shows difference (like patch format)
  git add <filename> -adds a file
  git rm <filename> removes a file
  then git commit -m"message" --to commit into your local repo
  git push -- to push to the remote repository
  • TM/Git_Workflows cheatsheet on Wiki: Get egit, Setup egit, Clone Repo (website / code), Update, Edit, Push, Switch branch

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