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TM/Download Statistics

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Download Statistics for the Eclipse Target Management Project

Collected Download Statistics

How Download Statistics are Collected

  • Download Statistics are generated through the Committer Tools
  • As file path, enter the following for the queries:
    • Downloads: /dsdp/tm/downloads/drops/S-2.0M6a-
    • Standard Update Site -- need to add *.pack.gz and *.jar answers
      • Update Site rse.core: /dsdp/tm/updates/milestones/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.ui_
      • Update Site Examples: /dsdp/tm/updates/milestones/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.examples.source_
      • Update Site Remotecdt: /dsdp/tm/updates/milestones/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.remotecdt_
      • Update Site Discovery: /dsdp/tm/updates/milestones/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.discovery_
      • Update Site Terminal: /dsdp/tm/updates/milestones/plugins/
      • Update Site Tests: /dsdp/tm/updates/milestones/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.tests_
    • Europa Update Site
      • Europa rse.core: /releases/europa/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.ui_
      • Europa Examples: /releases/europa/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.examples.source_
      • Europa Remotecdt: /releases/europa/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.remotecdt.source_
      • Europa Discovery: /releases/europa/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.discovery_
      • Europa Terminal: /releases/europa/plugins/
    • TM 1.0.x Update Site
      • /dsdp/tm/updates/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.ui_
      • /dsdp/tm/updates/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.examples.source_
      • /dsdp/tm/updates/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.remotecdt.source_
      • /dsdp/tm/updates/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.discovery_
      • /dsdp/tm/updates/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.eclipse.filesystem_
      • /dsdp/tm/updates/plugins/

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