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TCS/TCS Toolkit Tutorial

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TCS Tookit Sample Project Tutorial

This wiki page is a tutorial to help for using the first beta version of the TCS Toolkit. It is available here.


This section is under construction. Here are some quick notes.

The project "TCSSample" contains two folder:

  • TCSToolkit contains all the required files for using TCS
  • SampleDSL contains a complete example of use case for TCS

Listing of SampleDSL folder:

  • Metamodel/AddressBook.km3: AddressBook metamodel in KM3 syntax
  • Metamodel/AddressBook.ecore: AddressBook metamodel
  • SampleExtraction/build.xml: Ant script for AddressBook extraction (model to text)
  • SampleExtraction/sample.adb.ecore: sample model (to test extraction)
  • SampleInjection/build.xml: Ant script for AddressBook injection (text to model)
  • SampleInjection/sample.adb: sample file using AddressBook grammar (to test injection)
  • TCS/AddressBook.tcs: TCS file for AddressBook
  • TCS/AddressBook-importer.jar: AddressBook injector
  • TCS/AddressBook.tcs.ecore: AddressBook extractor
  • SampleDSL_ExtractorCreation.xml: Ant script to create AddressBook extractor
  • SampleDSL_InjectorCreation.xml: Ant script to create AddressBook injector


This section is under construction. Here are some quick notes.

How to use this Sample Project for my own DSL?

First, you should create your metamodel by using the KM3 syntax. Next, you should generate the corresponding Ecore metamodel with the KM3 action "Inject KM3 to Ecore metamodel" available in the context menu. Then, you can create the textual concrete syntax (the tcs file) for your DSL.

Now, you are ready to generate the injector and the extractor for your DSL by using the generic Ant scripts available.

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