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TCS (Textual Concrete Syntax) is an Eclipse/GMT component that enables the specification of textual concrete syntaxes for Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) by attaching syntactic information to metamodels. With TCS, it is possible to parse (text-to-model) and pretty-print (model-to-text) DSL sentences. Moreover, TCS provides an Eclipse editor, which features: syntax highlighting, an outline, hyperlinks, and hovers for every DSL which syntax is represented in TCS.

Questions and Discussions About TCS Usage

Questions and discussions about the usage of TCS should take place on the eclipse.modeling.gmt Eclipse newsgroup for the GMT project (more details about this newsgroup there), of which TCS is a component. Please, remember to prefix the subject of your TCS-related posts with [TCS].

Information About TCS

Existing TCS Definitions

The TCS Zoo is a library of languages that have already been defined in TCS. More precisely, their abstract syntax has been defined in KM3, and their concrete syntax has been defined in TCS.





Sample Projects

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