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TCF 1.7 New & Noteworthy

TCF 1.7 was released on 25-Jun-2021 with Eclipse 2021-09.

The primary Themes of the 1.7 are bug fixes, improved stability, performance and robustness.

TCF API and Protocol

All API Additions are marked with "@since 1.7" in the TCF Protocol Java Interfaces.

TCF Agent and C Value-Add

Stability and performance improvements, total 261 commits.

TCF C/C++ Debugger

New service: ContextReset. Stability and performance improvements, total 113 commits.

Target Explorer

No noteworthy changes.

Bug Fixes, Robustness and Statistics

list of bugs and enhancement requests implemented for the TCF 1.7 release.

See also the TCF Project Page for statistics.

The searchable git logs for the agent and the TCF main repository provide more insight into all changes made for TCF 1.7.

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