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Swordfish/Ramp down Galileo

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Build Schedule

  • Offset: +3 (milestones 3 weeks after the platform milestones)
Swordfish in Galileo build schedule
Date Name Swordfish Release Ramp-Down
05/01/2009 Galileo M4 + 3
10/02/2009 Galileo M5 + 3
19/03/2009 Galileo M6 + 3 EclipseCon, Project Plan freeze
03/04/2009 0.8
06/05/2009 Galileo M7 + 3
20/05/2009 Galileo RC1 + 3 API Freeze, Feature freeze
Every week from 27/05/2009 Galileo RC2..5 + 3 Bug fixing (P1+P2) only
24/06/2009 Galileo GA 0.9

Until M7+3

  • Continuous integration: Automated continuous builds and integration tests. Contributors are encouraged to use the latest builds.
  • New features can only be integrated if they are part of the agreed feature back log.

RC1+3: API and feature freeze

  • RC1+3 will be the last build which will contain new feature until Galileo is released. After the date, no modification on API or features will be accepted.

RC2..5 builds: The end-game

  • Only bug fixing (P1 and P2 bugs), testing, samples and tutorials

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