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StoredProcedure (BIRT)

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Stored Procedure

This example demonstrates using a JDBC driver to call a stored procedure from MySQL. The Stored procedure takes two arguments. One is an input parameter and specifies what product name the stored procedure is executed for and returns the number of orders that included the given product. The second parameter is an output parameter and returns the count of total orders.
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BIRT Version

BIRT 2.1.1

BIRT Report sss


Stored Procedure SQL

CREATE PROCEDURE OrdersByProductProc (IN Product varchar(50), OUT test int   )

SELECT count(*), productName FROM orderdetails, products WHERE orderdetails.productCode = products.productCode AND products.productName = Product GROUP BY   products.productName;
Select Count(*) INTO test FROM orderdetails;

This procedure is called by using the following statement in the Data Set Editor for an SQL Stored Procedure Query.

{call OrdersByProductProc (?, ?)}

The example uses one data set to populate a dynamic parameter that is then passed to the second data set, which contains the stored procedure. The results of the stored procedure are presented in a table element. In the table footer the output parameter of the stored procedure is referenced as follows:

"Total Orders: " + outputParams["totalorders"]


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