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Stardust/Release Build Plan/Kepler M6

We are proud to announce that the Stardust has succesfully participated in the Kepler M6 milestone build. This version features many improvements and fixes and should be sufficiently stable for previewing and testing our Kepler version end-to-end.

If you would like to give this version a try, you can install us from the Kepler repositories.


Install the Kepler M6 Java EE IDE Distribution

  1. Go to
  2. Select the distribution most appropriate for your platform.
  3. Download and unzip to your hard drive

Install BIRT

  1. Start the eclipse version just installed and Open context menu Help > Install New Software...
  2. Select "" from the dropdown box of "Work with"
  3. Expand "Business Intelligence, Reporting and Charting" and select "BIRT Framework"
  4. Proceed the installation wizard and restart Eclipse at the end

Install Stardust

  1. Install Stardust via menu item "Help/Install New Software..."
  2. Due to a version comparison issue, you need to be careful to pick the right version. Hence Press the "Add..." button to add a new update site and provide the following information:

Name: Stardust Kepler M6 Location:

  1. Mark "Stardust - Eclipse Process Manager", proceed with the installation and restart Eclipse at the end

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