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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Java API/IWorklistMonitor Example

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The IWorklistMonitor service provider interface can be used to execute custom code when item are added to or removed from a workflow participant's worklist. Typically this SPI is used to implement push notification to users (UI alerts, email, ...) or other systems.

To use this interface you need to:

  1. Implement the IWorklistMonitor interface as shown below.
  2. Create a text file named org.eclipse.stardust.engine.core.spi.monitoring.IWorklistMonitor. The file contents needs to be the fully qualified name of your implementation class, e.g. org.eclipse.stardust.example.WorklistInterceptor .
  3. Place the file into the META-INF/services folder of the jar that will contain your implementation class

Note: you can also try to create a separate jar file, that contains only the above folder and use it as described in Stardust Forum thread [1]

Use this interface with caution! We do not recommend to use this functionality to constantly synchronize the worklists into another system. To maintain the worklists in two systems is a bad architectural design typically resulting from shortcuts taken. It usually leads to problems further down the road.

package org.eclipse.stardust.example;
import org.eclipse.stardust.engine.api.model.IParticipant;
import org.eclipse.stardust.engine.core.runtime.beans.IActivityInstance;
import org.eclipse.stardust.engine.core.spi.monitoring.IWorklistMonitor;
public class WorklistInterceptor implements IWorklistMonitor {
    public void addedToWorklist(IParticipant arg0, IActivityInstance arg1) {
	System.out.println("ADDED TO WORKLIST: " + arg0.getId() + " Activity OID: " + arg1.getOID());
    public void removedFromWorklist(IParticipant arg0, IActivityInstance arg1) {
	System.out.println("REMOVED FROM WORKLIST: " + arg0.getId() + " Activity OID: "+ arg1.getOID());

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