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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Integration/UI/UIMashup


The standard UI technologies available in the modeling environment are:

  • JSF
  • JSP
  • JFC

Any existing web-based UI components potentially residing in different web application can be displayed and used as inside the Stardust Process Portal when successful integrations with other web-based UI technologies exist, e.g Struts, Grails..etc

Calling an External Web Application

Following are the steps to be performed:

  • Create an Application Activity
  • Map this activity with external web application.
  1. Mention the URL of the Web Application.
  2. Mention the Input & Output parameters.
  • Do In/Out data mapping for the activity.

Artifacts: It is an example to send & receive both primitive & structured data from IPP to Web Application, along with the process model, Download Here

a. Enter Name Activity
    This is a manual activity. The user is asked to enter User Name which IPP will store in a primitive data type (here username). Also user is asked to enter Name, Age & Salary which will be stored in a structured data type (here PersonRequestData) in IPP.

b. Call WebApplication Activity
    Call Web Application is an application activity. username & PersonRequestData are the inputs for this activity.
     This model uses a sample External Web Application (here HelloWorld Application). This application will be called when Call Web Application activity is performed.
The model has responsedata & PersonReponseData which are the response from External Web Application and it will be displayed in the IPP screen. responsedata is a primitive data type while PersonReponseData is a structured data type of type Person(which has Name, Age & Salary).
The modeler would require to enter the URL & Input/Output parameter for HelloWorld Application. Please refer to the attached model to see how these configurations are done. These screen shots show the details:
Also the modeler would require to provide all the In/Out mapping for activity Call Web Application. Please see the attached screen shot for one of the sample mapping. Please refer to the model to see the mapping for all the parameters.

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