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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Integration/Application/WebServices


Web Services provide a standardized way to call remote services via HTTP communication. Stardust allows you to use Web Services as an application type for applications invoked by arbitrary activities in a process. Data can be passed to and retrieved from Web Services as parameters via the access point concept.

Note: All artifacts referred to in this article including the Stardust model, Java POJOcan be downloaded from here.

Web Service Call with Primitive data-types

Following model is used to implement an example of web service application (WebServicesAppExample.xpdl):

The user enters the degree Celsius.
Within the activity Celsius To Farenheit, the assigned web service application Celsius To Farenheit App transforms the degree Celsius into degree Farenheit by calling the remote services Converter.wsdl (here: localhost:8080/<project name>/services/Converter?wsdl).
Finally, the computed degree Farenheit is displayed.

Stardust Integration Application WebServices WebServiceApp.jpg

The integration of a Web Service Application into a model is sufficiently described in thecorresponding article in the Stardust documentation.

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