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Welcome to the Wiki home page of the '''Eclipse Process Manager ([ Stardust]) project''', a Eclipse project under the [ '''SOA Platform Project'''] top-level project.
Stardust is focused on providing a comprehensive Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) which covers all phases of the Business Process Lifecycle including modeling, simulation, execution, monitoring and reporting.
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= Getting Started  =
*[[Stardust/Download|'''Downloads''']] - Available Releases and Milestone Builds<br>
*[[Stardust/Knowledge Base/Getting Started/Installation|'''Installation''']] - How to install Stardust.<br>
*[[Stardust/Project Plan|'''Project Plan''']] - Find out more about upcoming Releases.<br>
*[[Stardust/Knowledge Base|Knowledge Base]] - Go here for How-Tos, training videos, API Cookbook, articles, advanced tutorials and more material that will help you to get your project running quickly<br>
*[ User Forum] - Post questions and search for answers from other users and the people that work with Stardust every day<br>
*[[Stardust/FAQ|FAQ]] - frequently asked questions around Stardust and their answers
* [ Facebook] - Like our page to see the latest Stardust updates in your feed.
= Getting Involved  =
*'''[[Stardust/Source Code|Source Code and Build]]'''&nbsp; - get the latest Stardust code and instructions how to build it.
*'''[[Stardust/Enhancing and Embedding Stardust|Enhancing and Embedding Stardust]]'''&nbsp; - learn how you can customize and enhance Stardust and embed Stardust components in your solutions.
*'''[ Stardust Bugzilla]''' - review and create Bugzilla entries
*'''[[Stardust/Contributing via Gerrit|Contributing Code via Gerrit]]'''&nbsp; - how to contribute via Gerrit
*'''[[Stardust/Meetings|Meetings]]''' - information about Stardust Telcos/Meetings, meeting minutes.
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= News, Articles &amp; Events  =
*[[Stardust/EclipseCon/2013|EclipseCon 2013 Presentations and Talks]]
*'''[[Stardust/Presentations|Presentation Archive]]''' - various presentations from conferences or Eclipse internal reviews
= Contact Us  =
*Contact us, ask questions and find answers in the [ forum]
*[news:// Subscribe] to the forum with your news reader or via this [ feed]. <br>[ See the forum FAQ] for instructions on subscribing.
*'''Email us on the [ Stardust Developers mailing list]'''
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