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StAC 090128 Minutes

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Scheduled for 1700 UTC (9am Pacific, noon Eastern). Wednesday, January 28th.


(+1) 416-640-4122 (Ottawa and international) or
877-579-4178 (toll-free North America)
passcode 951195#


  • Paul Clenahan, Actuate
  • Oliver E Cole, OC Systems
  • Mik Kersten, Tasktop
  • Donald Smith, The Eclipse Foundation
  • Raghu Srinivan, Oracle


  • Review and approval of previous minutes
  • Review of goal - there is a program plan item to put towards a better relase train, based on feedback and prioritization of the StAC
  • More Brainstorming
  • Next Teleconference will be February 25, noon ET, 9am PT


  • Make packages more approachable
    • Demonstrate and explain what you are getting
    • videos, and link from the installer / video
  • Is "Improving the website" in reach? - yes, but as it relates to the release train, not necessarily the general properties.
  • Improved Icons and splash-screen welcome-screan installations
  • Focus on project, or at the package level
  • Usability Testing

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