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  • ...oups/index.html Eclipse platform newsgroups] to share information with the community. ...l, join the Eclipse community, write a proposal, and work with the Eclipse community to make Eclipse a better platform for product development and increase cust
    278 KB (43,749 words) - 08:17, 30 March 2017
  • ...pse Variables in order to make actions (and scripts) configurable; create "super Actions" that just reference other actions. Doing that in the UI is difficu ** PL: Need to work on the APIs, need community help
    19 KB (2,944 words) - 13:48, 8 August 2006
  • Each year since 2006, the Eclipse community has planned, developed, and delivered a coordinated release that allows use the fix. Please test it out to see if it resolves your problem. Pending community feedback, the fix may be backported to 3.5.2
    83 KB (13,218 words) - 18:28, 27 November 2017
  • ...eri Storage Manager, an open source storage management platform owned by a community of storage vendors. The Aperi Storage Manager is based on an initial contri ...e Aperi platform will have a commercially-friendly license that will allow community members to develop commercial offerings that combine open source Aperi code
    48 KB (7,149 words) - 11:54, 12 September 2006
  • ...hether API rule files could replace JDT access restrictions. It's really a super-set of access rules, can express things that acess rules cannot Community will continue to craft feature.xml files in 3.4 timeframe, and we will use
    25 KB (3,919 words) - 21:16, 17 October 2007
  • return super.createResource(""); super(editingDomain);
    78 KB (11,987 words) - 07:45, 31 March 2021
  • <onnadi3> I'd originally thought this could be done by the community <rcjsuen> onnadi3: for these super-lax licenses, you probaby want to -ook at mit or bsd
    61 KB (10,463 words) - 10:43, 7 August 2007
  • Dublin Core Meta Data] standard was developed by the library science community to define a consistent set of attributes that could be attributed to a "Res ...ode>sane()</code> method first calls the <code>sane()</code> method of its super class. It then tests that each field is not <code>null</code>, asserting af
    60 KB (9,124 words) - 01:32, 30 April 2016
  • **** Discussed the idea of an Aperi super project with SAN Simulator and SRM components/bundles ...not been following one of our processes. We had agreed that our committer community would vote on our code contributions. We have not been doing this. We nee
    6 KB (974 words) - 15:33, 6 August 2007
  • ...oups/index.html Eclipse platform newsgroups] to share information with the community. ...l, join the Eclipse community, write a proposal, and work with the Eclipse community to make Eclipse a better platform for product development and increase cust
    201 KB (31,242 words) - 19:54, 24 November 2007
  • *** Community Contributions from '''Radoslav Gerganov''', '''Johnson Ma''' (tgz handler) ...d that also mean we cannot add classes, methods? - Martin: dont need to be super strict.
    8 KB (1,138 words) - 12:57, 20 February 2008
  • ...ude: author on talk X, program chair, PC member on category Y, operations, super user. ===Community===
    12 KB (1,975 words) - 10:37, 11 June 2008
  • ...cided yet whether E4 will be a vast, big effort -- it will be what we as a community make it. For now, just all items are on the table. All input is valuable! ...bout '''Logical Model Support''' that's in place now? Managing sub-file or super-file resources? - Resources can be adapted to ResourceMapping, which descri
    10 KB (1,562 words) - 08:58, 22 September 2008
  • ...un at the end of initializer if you have subclasses; they will always call super() then do more work. approach is either live without the grammar changes, or work with Batik community to add required support there
    9 KB (1,473 words) - 17:38, 14 October 2008
  • result = super.getPartitionType(region, offset); == Community proposals ==
    7 KB (1,036 words) - 23:57, 29 August 2008
  • ...sus" and "major decisions" are not formally defined, but are the result of community discussion. * '''Non-binding votes''': Community votes
    2 KB (306 words) - 13:53, 2 April 2020
  • ...ced during this period as necessary to make bug fixes available to the DTP community. *Enter Test & Fix phase with PMC approval for super-critical fixes through Friday, May 29, 2009 (SH)
    8 KB (1,238 words) - 11:33, 12 March 2009
  • ; Release : A Release is a super-official artifact that is typically published after reaching a number of mi ...though it is acceptable to have different build systems within the Eclipse Community [[Build Technologies]] it is recommended to use the Eclipse Common Build In
    15 KB (2,282 words) - 03:23, 16 September 2015
  • ...ced during this period as necessary to make bug fixes available to the DTP community. *Enter Test & Fix phase with PMC approval for super-critical fixes through Monday, May 31, 2010 (SH)
    8 KB (1,250 words) - 14:48, 11 May 2010
  • * Automotive @ Eclipse at the Community Day on Monday * [ Link]
    58 KB (8,195 words) - 09:08, 27 April 2021
  • under construction there may be parts that trail off; the AMP developer community will chime in for guidance, and these loose ends will be sewn up, leading t ...that you are in the midst of creating. Really its a two shot deal. At the Super-Scape (parent) level, you're creating the agents. That's a little bit of de
    21 KB (3,628 words) - 19:09, 27 April 2010
  • ...yn project. We solicit additional participation and input from the Eclipse community. Please post questions and discussion items on '''{{bug|304957}}'''. Also Super set of all sub-project committers with Mik Kersten as the project lead.
    9 KB (1,209 words) - 09:07, 16 February 2015
  • ...cit inheritance is implemented by copying (and adjusting) bytecodes from a super-role to the sub-role. ...he extended OT/J variant in order to leverage all tooling that the Eclipse community provides for Java development also for development with OT/J.
    15 KB (2,418 words) - 11:43, 30 June 2018
  • ...s that even though subjective - when something is deliberately removed the Community should be informed ...interested in source compatibility (build against 4.0) - can this be made super simple?
    37 KB (5,985 words) - 12:54, 20 December 2010
  • ...l/docs/publications/EclipseConEurope2012/FastQueries.pdf "Fast, Faster and Super-Fast Queries"], István Ráth, Edward Willink, [ ...OCL Code Generator (fast), OCL VM (faster) and incremental query matching (super-fast).
    23 KB (3,422 words) - 05:31, 23 July 2021
  • ...orks aims at making sure the repositories are not lost. Ideally we'd get a super duper UI that would let the end user pick the roots that have been removed. :The Jenkins community has a concept of office hours that allow contributors and users to ask ques
    8 KB (1,318 words) - 02:20, 29 November 2011
  • ...Xtext's powerful APIs. A comprehensive documentation as well as the vivid community will help you getting started in no time. And if that is not enough you can * Super easy way to implement new Jvm languages, i.e. languages which make use of X
    5 KB (767 words) - 08:15, 20 October 2011
  • ...sting, link to API policy, retention policy, etc. will be part of the new "super portal" for projects to fill in, or not, depending on type of release, need * Name that release: Juno+1. Need volunteer to drive community discussion and vote.
    7 KB (1,016 words) - 13:47, 7 December 2011
  • &nbsp;* Community Process (JCP) and is made available for testing and evaluation purposes ...uld be visible in an Outline and that should support operations like "Open Super Implementation". OTOH, lambda expressions and method references don't have
    14 KB (1,936 words) - 08:33, 22 June 2017
  • [[Category:Super Community]]
    852 bytes (115 words) - 08:24, 6 August 2020
  • ** Would need to have operation super easy ... description, ** Would need to have VALUE to projects / community very clear. Usually, we make projects responsible for their own communities
    6 KB (924 words) - 13:09, 12 December 2013
  • ...learn the features available to the open source developer community and be guided through the process, from creating a SourceForge project to h integrated development environment (IDE) and an open source project and community. Written by members of the IBM Eclipse Jumpstart team, The Java&trade; Deve
    158 KB (23,992 words) - 11:55, 27 April 2020
  • ...CF Terminals Marketplace Listing] has triggered quite some interest in the community, and a couple of bugs have been filed to improve usability of the local ter ** We want to make it super easy for community members to contribute bug fixes or improvements to TCF, in order to ride th
    4 KB (670 words) - 05:26, 5 August 2016
  • ===EclipseCon 2020 - Community Day - October, 19th 2020 - virtual event=== ...al_event Find here the presentation material from the "Automotive@Eclipse" Community Day]
    10 KB (1,343 words) - 05:40, 31 May 2021
  • ...g one or more service interfaces. ECF's RSA implementation provides open, community-developed APIs allowing full customization of the both the creation and run ##Use of open standards (OSGi Remote Services/RSA) and open, community-developed implementations (ECF Remote Services) to avoid vendor lock-in and
    29 KB (3,778 words) - 15:57, 9 December 2014
  • ** Marc-Andre gave a nice little demo. Super easy to use! #* Community, Debug, Multicore, Visualizer, Tracing
    10 KB (1,610 words) - 16:08, 17 January 2020
  • ...rface). Signature on the next line will describe the type arguments of the super type. really effective the technical approach should be accompanied with a '''community effort''' to create and collect external null annotations for all relevant
    19 KB (2,755 words) - 04:52, 24 October 2017
  • as possible. Since Eclipse itself is based on Equinox and has a large community of developers, it is already very good at doing this. super(projectSpace);
    14 KB (2,270 words) - 16:28, 18 June 2015
  • == SWT Community == ...rriden by children. In Eclipse, you can Ctrl+click on a method to see it's super implementation, or derived implementations (this is very useful).
    55 KB (9,109 words) - 17:09, 13 May 2021
  • [[Category:Super Community]]
    31 KB (4,588 words) - 02:14, 18 August 2021
  • ...e're going to lose some users and likely invite negative feedback from the community. ...inviting negativity and risk losing users if we don't make getting Java 9 super easy.
    8 KB (1,322 words) - 11:56, 20 March 2017
  • [[Category:Super Community]]
    3 KB (465 words) - 02:46, 3 June 2019
  • ...ional to create a marketing issue so tweets can be published to notify the community. ...if all of the corporate members have voted. After 14 days elapses, if the super majority vote +1, the ballot will be concluded successfully.
    13 KB (2,055 words) - 08:13, 7 September 2021
  • * FOSDEM 2018 - Community Main Track: [ OpenA, due to the required scale and diversity of measurement systems, the AD community faces a massive amount of complex and heterogeneous data.
    51 KB (7,293 words) - 07:00, 20 May 2021
  • ...>'''The openGENESIS Working Group is now closed. We thank everyone in the community for their collaboration'''</big> ...openGENESIS spotlight projects (GSLP) to solve specific challenges in the community.
    19 KB (2,670 words) - 11:56, 12 August 2021
  • be the main point of contact for people who are not already inside your community.}} ...&t=124&sid=9eb46a4f9a4417124aa63af90b7ce95f WATERS challenge] of the ECRTS community, which provides the AMALTHEA model that needs to be addressed with the java
    36 KB (5,471 words) - 07:21, 27 March 2019
  • * [ Papyrus Community Forum ] ...e5a547933df0ab6e3b3931567260f&frm_id=314&frm_goto=Go Papyrus for Real Time community forum]
    20 KB (2,843 words) - 10:18, 18 June 2018
  • be the main point of contact for people who are not already inside your community.}} super(parent, SWT.NONE);
    22 KB (3,323 words) - 21:09, 20 March 2020
  • ...e AICE OpenLab in the marketplace and engaging with the larger open source community * Promote and build the ecosystem of organisations and community of developers
    18 KB (2,584 words) - 08:35, 31 May 2021

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