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Solutions 1.1

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Higgins 1.1

  • This page describes the solutions under development as part of Higgins 1.1
  • For information about solutions released as part of Higgins 1.0 see Solutions 1.0
  • A Solution is a specific combination of Higgins Components that, when assembled and deployed, result in either an infrastructure-level service, or an end-user application.

Higgins Developed & Supported Solutions

This section describes the solutions developed by the Higgins team. There are solutions at three different levels:

I-Card Selectors

These flavors of selector apps are available (or under development):

  • GTK and Cocoa Selector - for Firefox (also callable by local apps) on Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX. This is a client-based native code app
  • Adobe AIR Selector - for Firefox and IE on Windows
  • RCP Selector - an Eclipse RCP Application. This is a client-based Java app; requires JRE 1.4 or higher.

In parallel with developing the above solutions, we are also working on a harmonization effort to converge at least the first two selectors above into a common architecture. See Selector Architecture Harmonization

Identity Web Services

Identity Provider web services:

  • STS IdP - WS-Trust Identity Provider (webapp and web service)
  • SAML2 IdP - SAML2 Identity Provider (webapp and web service)

Relying Party website or service:

Identity Attribute Service

This solution is currently a local java component. The plan for Higgins 1.1 is to add an XDI web service binding and thereby create the "IdAS Server" that can act as an extensible gateway to existing data sources.


Higgins-based Solutions

This section lists solutions developed external to the Higgins project, but that are based on Higgins Components and code.

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