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A Solution is a specific combination of Higgins Components that, when assembled and deployed, results in either an infrastructure-level service, or an end-user application. The solutions listed on this page are included in Higgins 1.0 unless otherwise noted.

Higgins Solutions

This section describes the solutions developed by the Higgins team. There are solutions at three different levels:


The Higgins project has developed one example end-user application, called an Identity Selector, based on Higgins components. This app is available in different flavors:


The project has developed these Identity Provider web services:

As well as this example/test Relying Parity website/service:


Higgins has developed the Higgins Global Graph to address the need for data interoperability and portability for identity, profile, preference and social relationship data:

Higgins-based Solutions

This section lists solutions developed external to the Higgins project, but based on Higgins Components.

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