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This tutorial explains how to create your first update site to distribute a graphical modeling tool created with Eclipse Sirius.

The instructions describe the creation of an update site for the result of the basic tutorial: a modeling tool which simply allows the user to graphically represent a family.

Sirius 4mtuto 01.png

Get the modeling tool in your environment

If you followed the Sirius Starter Tutorial, you are ready! Directly go to next section: Create the Update Site.

Otherwise, start by following the instructions to install the Basicfamily Domain Model and the solution of the Starter Tutorial.

By default the icons defined in the modeler are not exported into the update site: you have to update the project definition in order to get these icons in the final modeler.

Open the file MANIFEST.MF from the META-INF directory of the project

In the tab Build check the icons folder in the Binary Build list.

Sirius tuto5 22.png

Create the Update Site

Create a Feature Project

The first step consists in creating a feature project containning all the features necessary to create the update site.

Right click in the Model Explorer view and select Other....

Sirius tuto5 04.png

Select Feature Project.

Sirius tuto5 23.png

Then set the feature's properties:

  • Project name: org.eclipse.sirius.sample.basicfamily.feature
  • Feature Name: org.eclipse.sirius.sample.basicfamily
  • Feature Vendor: Your name company

Sirius tuto5 06.png

Finally, click on Next and select the projects defining your complete modeling tool: the metamodel, the modeler and all the other required plugins.

  • org.eclipse.sirius.sample.basicfamily
  • org.eclipse.sirius.sample.basicfamily.edit
  • org.eclipse.sirius.sample.basicfamily.editor

Sirius tuto5 07.png

Click on Finish.

Create an Update Site project

Right click in the Model Explorer view and select New > Other….

Select Update Site Project.

Sirius tuto5 08.png

Then set the project name : org.eclipse.sirius.sample.basicfamily.update.

Sirius tuto5 09.png

Click on Finish: Eclipse creates the project and opens an editor on the site.xml file.

Add a new Category and name it Basic Family (id : BasicFamily).

Sirius tuto5 10.png

Add the feature org.eclipse.sirius.sample.basicfamily.feature to the category. This defines a category proposed during the installation of the plugin.

Sirius tuto5 11.png

Finally, click on Build to launch the update site creation:

Sirius tuto5 12.png

Export the Update Site project

Now it is necessary to export the update site to an archive.

Select these resources:

  • folder features
  • folder plugins
  • file artifacts.jar
  • file content.jar
  • file site.xml

Right click on the selected resources and click on Export

Sirius tuto5 13.png

Select Archive File in General section

Sirius tuto5 14.png

Fill the To archive file field to define the archive location and select the option Create only selected directories.

Sirius tuto5 24.png

Warning : The .project file should not be selected.

Click on Finish: the archive is exported to the path defined previously.

Test the Update Site

Install the modeler

To verify if the Update Site works correctly, install the Basic Family modeler in a new Sirius environment or in a new Obeo Designer.

Open your Eclipse environment and select Help > Install New Software….

Sirius tuto5 16.png

Click on Add… and fill the fields

  • Name: Basic Family Modeler
  • Location:Click on "Archive… " button and retrieve the archive exported previously

Sirius tuto5 17.png

Click on Ok button

Sirius tuto5 18.png

Ckick on Next button and follow instructions.

Run the Modeler

After Sirius or Obeo Designer has restarted, import the Sample Basic Family model as described in Import a sample model.

After selecting the viewpoint you can use the modeler

Sirius tuto5 19.png

Sirius tuto5 21.png

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