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=Start create properties view for basic modeling tool=

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This tutorial explains how to create your first properties view with Sirius.

The instructions start from the result of the Sirius Starter Tutorial, a basic modeling tool which simply allows the user to graphically represent men and women of a family and to create new men.

Sirius 4mtuto 01.png

The advanced modeling tool that you will create is based on the same simple Domain Model which describes basic concepts about families.

Sirius 4mtuto 02.png

Note: The screenshots have been created with Obeo Designer 8.1 (based on Sirius 3.1).

Install the basic modeling tool

If you have followed the Starter Tutorial already, you are ready! Directly go to next section: Start extending the basic modeling tool.

If at any point in this document you are stuck, you can obtain a project with the complete, final result of this tutorial at this location.

Otherwise, start by following the instructions to install the sample Domain Model:

Now, you should have an Eclipse runtime (started from your first Eclipse) with a sample Family model installed in your workspace.

Sirius 4mtuto 05-2.png

Then, install the solution of the Starter Tutorial. It is implemented by a Viewpoint Specification Project that you need to import into your workspace.

This project can be easily installed from the provided examples (menu File > New > Example... : select Basic Family Sample Modeler Definition).

Sirius tuto2 02-04.png

Once the modeler imported in your workspace, activate the persons viewpoint by selecting the menu Viewpoint Selection.

Sirius 4mtuto 27.png

You must activate the persons viewpoint to be able to create the representations which are defined by this viewpoint.

Sirius 4mtuto 28.png

Then right-click on the sample model and select the menu New Representation / new Persons diagram.

Sirius 4mtuto 29.png

Sirius should create and open a diagram describing the men and women contained in the sample model.

Sirius 4mtuto 01.png

Start create properties view for basic modeling tool

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