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Visualization Tool


Create a basic Diagram to display the instructions of a Mindstorms choreography and provide tools to allow the user to create new instructions and sub-diagrams.

  • Nodes
    • Grab actions
    • Release actions
    • GoForward actions
    • Rotate actions
  • Edges
    • Link between an instruction and its next instruction



Watch the video (22'02)


Sirius concepts

During this step, you will mainly use these Sirius concepts: During this step, you will mainly use these Sirius concepts:

  • Viewpoint Specification Project
    • The Eclipse project that defines a Sirius modeling tool
    • Contains a odesign file that describes the representations and Java services used by the tool
  • Viewpoint
    • A viewpoint defines Sirius representations (diagrams, tables, matrices, trees) dedicated to a specific need
  • Diagram Description
    • Describes a kind of graphical representation for your model
    • It defines which elements to display on the diagram, how (style) and the tools to edit them
  • Node
    • Describes model elements displayed via an image or a simple shape
    • It defines how to find the model elements to display
    • It defines a graphical style (shape, label, color, …)
  • Relation Based Edge
    • Describes the relation between two objects
    • The relation can be computed
    • It defines graphical style (color, line style, size, routing style, …)

Detailed script

Installing the solution

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