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Sirius 2.0.8 is a minor release.


Sirius 2.0.8 was released on 2017-01-31 (tag v2.0.8, commit a1876f93d55aaa0242193d119cdeb61774a77ab1). It is available from the following update sites:

It is recommended you use the update-site matching the version of Eclipse you use to avoid potential issues at runtime.

This version includes the complete JUnit and SWTBot test suites used to validate Sirius. They are published along with all their dependencies in separate update-sites from the core, available at:

If you want to install the feature, which provides APIs to help create automated tests of Sirius-based modelers, you will need to add the following update-site:

If you want to install and run the test suites themselves, you will also need the following additional update-site:

It is needed to run the tests which use an old query language (which is now superseded by Acceleo 3 and the core feature:/var:/service: interpreters).

Juno users: Sirius depends on more recent versions of some components that what is available by default from a Juno install. You need to add the following update-sites if you want to install Sirius 2.0.8 on Juno:


Sirius 2.0.8 is compatible with the following versions of Eclipse:

  • Eclipse 3.8/4.2 (Juno)
  • Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler)
  • Eclipse 4.4 (Luna)

It should also be compatible with milestone builds for Eclipse 4.5 (Mars), although this has not been thoroughly tested.

New & Noteworthy

The ticket fixed in Sirius 2.0.8 can be found here on the Bugzilla.

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