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! Responsibility
! Responsibility
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
| Update "latest" composite repository
| Update "latest" composite repository (15min before release)
* Run [ simrel.releng.update_latest_repo]
* Run [ simrel.releng.update_latest_repo]

Revision as of 08:07, 16 December 2020

This is a chronological list of things to do before, on and after a release day.

This page is still a work in progress and tasks might be added or changed.

Before release day

Task Description Responsibility
Add info center SimRel release engineer
Check mirrors SimRel release engineer
Fix historical reports on SimRel JIPP main page SimRel release engineer

On release day

Task Description Responsibility
Update "latest" composite repository (15min before release) SimRel release engineer
Create P2 composite repository for next release SimRel release engineer
Update SimRel wiki pages SimRel release engineer
Send announcement email to cross-project-issues-dev mailing list SimRel release engineer
Update various websites Webdev team
Upgrade community documentation Upgrade Developers Community
Announce to user community Send announcements to media like
  • Twitter (with @EclipseJavaIDE)
  • Reddit
  • ...
Developers Community

After release day

Task Description Responsibility
Tag simrel aggregator repo SimRel release engineer
Update release name in simrel.aggr SimRel release engineer
Update build configuration
  • Update TRAIN_NAME in Jenkinsfile
  • Update trainName, referenceRepo, eclipse.repo.url in pom.xml

=> Use script (execute on local machine for now)

SimRel release engineer
Re-enable aggregator job SimRel release engineer

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